Buck Country Outfitters is your premiere Kentucky Deer Hunting Outfitter and Kentucky Guide Service for Whitetail Deer Hunting and Eastern Wild Turkey small jimHunting.  Offering KY Bow Hunts, Archery Hunting for Whitetail Deer and KY Shotgun and Archery Hunting for Eastern Wild Turkey.   Buck Country Outfitters is one of Kentucky’s hottest locations for Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting.

Bow Hunting
BCO is  your top  Bow  Gun and Muzzle loading hunting destination for the serious  hunter.  Our Property consists o f5000 privately owned and managed acres with a 17 year Quality Deer Management program with a  STRICT 130 minimum for bucks harvested.  This QDM program has netted amazing results, increasing our age structure and increasing the number of mature buck sightings. We have maintained a very high shot opportunity and re-booking rate for many years.

Our Property
Our 3000 plus acres of Kentucky BOW ONLY hunting property is located in Grayson County, Kentucky.  This one of the top trophy producing counties in the state of Kentucky.  This private property has been strictly managed for 17 plus years.  Our terrain is very diverse and includes,  hardwood ridges, CRP land, clover fields, soybean and corn fields, food plots including many commercial varieties like Mossy Oak Bio-Logic and more. Our property would be considered by most to be gently rolling to rolling with great diversity in many areas.  We have approximately 40% in open land, CRP, agriculture and food plots.  Our timberland ranges from very mature hardwoods to select timbered areas.  We have very little pine here.  Most of our woods will be hardwoods with nearly 35% of that being oaks species.  This makes for big fat deer and great antler growth.  In addition we feed supplemental minerals to further increase our trophy potential.

We also maintain a few feeders during the legal deer feeding season.  This helps maintain a healthy herd and keeps our deer close to home.  Contrary to popular belief feeders are not the magic solution for deer.  We have had feeders on our property for many years and we seldom get a mature buck photo at a feeder.  It is however a great way to keep doe located and can be very productive during the rut.

There are NO TROPHY FEES at Buck Country Outfitters. There is however a fine for  bucks harvested under our 130 minimum.  Our average for bucks harvested since we have been in business is 135.  Boone and Crockett bucks scoring 190 plus have been taken in our area and our hunters seen bucks nearly every year that are 200 inches or better.

References are always available.  Kentucky is one of the top trophy deer hunting states with an estimated 1 in 8 bucks growing to be Boone and Crockett caliber.

We are family owned and operated and honesty is our policy.  Ken Willis and his family own and operate Buck Country Outfitters of Kentucky and you will deal directly with them.  Ken is an avid traditional bow hunter with 30 plus years of bow hunting experience.